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Question for all those who are planning to pick up a 3DS on day one... which "killer app" Nintendo launch title are you looking forward to paying nearly $300 for (game system) the most?

A: Nintendogs & Cats

B: Pilotwings Resort, aka a glorified version of the flying minigame from Wii Sports Resort

C: Steel Diver

D: I'm buying it day one just so that I can wait a few more months to play 3D versions of N64 games that I mostl likely already own and have played through multiple times.

Well, it's $249 in the US, and for me it's

E: I'm getting it day one since -

1. I want some of the Launch Window (as opposed to Launch day) games

2. No way this price is going to change within the Launch Window period

3. This way I make sure that when I want it a month or so later it is not going to be sold out.

4. In the mean time I have the Augmented Reality games, the demos and the 3d camera to play with, not to mention 999 and probably Pokemon B/W that I am going to buy for this (I don't have a DS).


Worst case scenario - it is not sold out and it is possible to get it somewhere for $239 between end March and June. Even in that case what have I gained by not making it day 1? Nothing much except delay starting to play with it.

huge ditto.  only launch game which i found out is not a luanch game in america i want is professor layton

so i'll be waiting for the launch window games to come out.

and same reasoning, by the time these games come out there is ZERO chance price will be lower, and BIG chance that finding a 3DS may be hard if not impossible.  

I'm sure for a while i'll just be playign my ds games on this, while looking at demoes and stuf and showing others demoes.  i am 100% sure that i will not regret this purchase, and like i said by the time there is amazing games and enough of them to make some think a purchase is warranted i guarantee you that hte price is still $250

I third this motion. 

Nothing lost from getting it day 1 since year one I know the price wouldn't/shouldn't drop and there will be games I really enjoy on it.

Other reasons for getting it would be things like a portable version of Super Street Fighter IV (if you try to bring up the iPhone game I might stab you since it doesn't even have buttons), some portable versions of N64 games I enjoyed VERY much with a lot of enhancements made to them, fingers crossed that Star Fox 64 3D has an online mode, and then you have games that should release in its first year like Kingdom Hearts, MGS3 (also a portable version of the PS2 game which you won't find elsewhere), and RE Revelations, and if you haven't noticed I've yet to even mention the first party outside of the ports and there's going to be good first party backing as well... soooo preordering and making sure the same situation that happened with me and my Wii doesn't happen again... or don't and miss out on games I wanted to play.

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