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Onibaka said:
4k1x3r said:
XanderZane said:
ElGranCabeza said:
homer said:
ElGranCabeza said:

Forza 3 was also 40 bucks 2 weeks after it released on all major retailers and so was L4D2, I remember because I snatched up L4D2 quickly. MS must've made a deal with retailers in order to get more awareness to those two franchises and that's probably how they kept L4D exclusive to the 360.

L4D is not a 360 exclusive, and you can find any game for cheap if you look hard enough...

I meant console exclusive, which is true. Most people are console gamers in this day and age anyways. Games usually don't drop 33% in price 2 weeks after release, especially not in all major retailers.

Forza 3 didn't drop in price after 2 weeks. At least not here in America. I go to multiple retailers like Fry's Electronics, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Gamestop, etc... and they all had the game at $59.99 for a long period of time. Either you're lying or you live in Japan. The lowest I saw Forza 3 was $54.99 and it was on sale at the time. GT5 is already $39.99 just about everywhere I look. Not sure if it's a sale or not.

Nice try, you're everywhere to defend the X360 and shit on everything in competition to it.



He may live in UK and be referring to £39. Then it's true. =D

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I'm smart enough to check profiles. ;) 

Oh and GT5 is at 39.99£, which with the current exchange rate equals to:
40 GBP = 64.69 USD