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johnlucas said:

Wii- AT LEAST 20 million worldwide

XBox 360- Not past 13 million range worldwide (just under 14 million range at best case scenario)

PS3- at peak optimism just past 7 million worldwide


Wii will pass 360 in North America within month of July.

Metal Gear Solid 4 will NOT go to PS3

PS3 won't make it out alive past 2009.

Sony will have massive layoffs and downsizings.

Sony may jettison its game division altogether.

Wii and DS will be the best selling game systems of all time.


Now let's see how accurate I am on these. I always love to say it before it's time. It's my way. It's what I do.

John Lucas

ok, your number look good. I'd suggest higher for 360 though, GTA is a huge seller as is Halo, add those together with the holiday season and you'll start to see a very large jump for the 360. Rest are good though

but you say... Wii surpass 360 in North America in JULY? ok, I rckon it's probably going to do worldwide, but there is no hope that the Wii will surpass 360 in July, it would require 1 million consoles per month to be delivered to North America, frankly impossible no matter what the demand is. It has a decent change of passing the 360 in NA this year, but no hope in july.

MGS would do well to port to 360, if I was kojima I would be negotiating something with MS as we speak

Sony simply can't afford to get rid of the PS3. They will cost reduce and get the PS3 to a point where they can support it, even if it never breaks even the money is already down the toilet. Sony can't move to a PS4 quickly, and they're not likely to do a Sega since they have other dvisions to help the PlayStation line.

As for the rest, agreed 

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