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John, I don't really know what your point is. Sold to retail is what matters to investors of Sony, that's what they have reported this time (3.6 million). And sold to consumers is what matters to consumers? I don't think so. You're just thinking of yourself as the most important customer. In a couple of years, RFID will help a lot to track units sold more precisely across the whole chain (which also includes distributors, not just Sony, retail and consumers), but it will still be at the discretion of Sony if they release more numbers or not. Remember, they just have to release figures for investors. If they weren't on the stock market, they wouldn't have to publizise anything at all. And 3rd party figures from NPD or Media Create will *always* be estimates based on statistic samples. How could that not be obvious.

Hardcore gaming is a bubble economy blown up by Microsoft's $7 $6 billion losses.