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Seece said:
outlawauron said:
Seece said:

Very easily, it's very telling of a persons personality if they're a theif and proud of it.

Yes, but despite the same mod that pirates also happen to be a great guy (if we are thinking about the same pirating mod), so where's that theory lead you?

I'm not a big pirate myself. The only thing I download are Japanese PS2 and PSP games. Its not something that I'd flaunt, but I guess I'm 'proud' to play K-ON and Tales of Versus. I guess you can hate on me too.

So says you, you're obviously going to stick up for your friend so your word means zilch. Someone that admits to stealing all their games quite proudly isn't a "nice guy" in my book.

Even in his case, I'd like you to find another alternative. This is all pretty ridiculous and I'm not going to try and continue it further, but you definitely brought up zexen before anyone did. >_>

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