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Seece said:
outlawauron said:
Seece said:
twesterm said:
Khuutra said:
Seece said:

I wish we took a stronger stance against game pirates here, like banning them all. They go without any punishement .. heck even one of our MODS is a proud pirate ... disgusting, doesn't deserve to play video games.

We used to do this - BengaBenga was particularly ruthless on this front - and I don't mind it as an idea. That's no excuse for headlines and articles perverting the dialogue, or people perpetuating ass-backwards sound bites (CARL).

Again: all for banning people who brag about their piracy. That's fine. But we should be clear and distinct that we're talking about copyright infringement and not theft.

Oh man, when I was mod, I was constantly wanting to ban people that admitted to pirating.  If ioi would have let me I would have an absolute blast in this thread and hand out permabans with no remorse what-so-ever.  I don't really understand why pirates come to a forum dedicated to the thing they're actively trying to destroy anyways.

Yeah, they have absoloutely no shame. It does make you wonder what kind of people they are in real life, they must have no conscience.

Can you say that out loud without laughing abit? It sounds like a joke!

Very easily, it's very telling of a persons personality if they're a theif and proud of it.

Yes, but despite the same mod that pirates also happen to be a great guy (if we are thinking about the same pirating mod), so where's that theory lead you?

I'm not a big pirate myself. The only thing I download are Japanese PS2 and PSP games. Its not something that I'd flaunt, but I guess I'm 'proud' to play K-ON and Tales of Versus. I guess you can hate on me too.

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