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scapegoatsqueal said:
Darc Requiem said:
scapegoatsqueal said:
stopstopp said:
scapegoatsqueal said:

PSP2 will tank like the PSP, and $ony will fail to learn its lesson like with the PSP.

Like Sega?

Wow, I feel bad now.

its k, its normal 2 feel bad when u type something stupid. SEGA only went wrong with the Saturn, and they corrected themselves with the Dreamcast

You don't seem to have a good grasp of Sega's history. The Genesis/Mega Drive bombed in Japan. Was well managed in the US. The Sega CD and 32X both tanked globally. The Saturn was success in Japan. It actually lead the market initially and PS1 didn't surpassed for good until FFVII launched. Unforunately, they botched the Saturn completely out side of Japan. When the Dreamcast launched it was doomed. They pissed off 3rd parties and retailers in the West with the Saturns early launch. They did the same with Japanese retailers and 3rd parties by pulling the plug on the Saturn in Japan too soon. When you toss in their 2 billion dollar debt at the DC's launch, it would have taken miracle for them to stay in the hardware market.

lulz Japan barely counts. Anyway, the DC only bombed because SEGA had the integrity to keep it a console. Sony, which wasn't held down by such things as 'integrity', lauched their DVD player shortly after the DC, and that killed it.

When you say that Japan doesn't matter to a Japanese company, you show a clear lack of business understanding.