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irstupid said:
wfz said:

This is the first time in my life I'm not getting a Nintendo console at launch. =(


It's not that I'm against the 3DS, it's just that 3D isn't that big of a deal to me, and there aren't enough big games coming out in the launch window.

Will I get a 3DS? Hell yes, it's a Nintendo console, it will have a dozen or more Nintendo games I MUST play, at the very least. That's not even counting Third Parties.


But Will I get it right away? No. Probably not until this coming November to see if there's a good Holiday deal.

yea never been one to jizz over 3D either, but I said in another thread and seems your in the same thinking.  Who cares if 3D makes me sick, or hell if I am the few taht can't see 3D.  I can play this in 2D and there are AMAZING games coming out for this system. 

I'm not buying it for the 3D, though i am anxious to see how it can be implemented, especially in games like Professor Layton or other puzzle games.

I personally am buying it for 3D and the games, the games are of course the main reason, as with any system, but man when they said How to Train Your Dragon in 3D for download and on the go... the love for gadgets section of my brain went off and I got super excited, my favorite 3D movie, on the go, I just can't pass that up.  Then I can play some really cool games in 3D which will help with the depth difficulties in some games like 3D platformers...

I can't tell you how much I hate playing 3D platformers and miss a ledge because of depth of field is impossible on a typical TV screen.  Doesn't happen much, usually in 3D games that involve swimming, like Marios and MH Tri.  Which is why I want MH Freedom 3 on 3DS and include the swimming areas left out in the PSP version.

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