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Darth_efe said:
windbane said:
a.l.e.x59 said:
Louie said:
CrazzyMan said:
so what is a point of such threads? someone is going to cancel: Killzone2 LBP Ratchet MGS4 FFXIII and FFXIIIv Lair NGS Uncharted Heavenly Sword Warhawk Getaway3 WKS Folks Soul Gran Turismo5 ??? PEOPLE, DO YOU UNDERTSAND, THAT IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THOSE GAMES, YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY PS3, SO IT DOESN`T MATTER, HOW IT IS SELLING. it only matters for developers, which will make games in 2008-2009. But for 2007-2008 IT DOESN`T MATTER. soon or later, you will just have to buy PS3 to play so much great exclusive games.

Boy, do you understand that 360 and Wii have got more and better exlusives this year? And do you understand Final Fantasy and Metal Gear will just boost the Hardware sales for one month and not the whole lifecicle?

360 is clearly outselling the PS3, now where the PS3 doesn´t sell in Japan anymore. While the PS3 numbers will decline in Japan (there are no (!) games that are worth buying for japanese gamers this year and no, everybodies Golf won´t sell on an expensive system when you can get Wii Sports, too) the 360 Japan numbers can only increase and in the US XBox 360 is at a clear second place and might even sell better than the Wii between September and November.

PS3 - the third place...isn´t it ironic?

Apparently Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid are both comming to the Xbox 360. Another slap in the face for Sony.

Stop spouting nonsense. I'm pretty convinced you don't actually own a PS3 like you claim to. Nothing else explains these posts as a whole you keep launching for no reason.  You have this 360 VS PS3 thread when you have an avatar for Halo, then you flat out lie.

a.l.x59 or whatever ur name is FF and MGS is coming out for 360 seriously what the fuck get a life that was just retarded. Sqaure enix stated that 9gigs are to small and they needed more space they wanted to use teh full space of the blu-ray. The dude who owns MGS said that MGS4 will be an exclusive for PS3 it was just a rumor.


Sorry, but MGS4 and FF are both coming to the Xbox 360. They may be compressed ports, but they will be coming to the Xbox 360. If they managed to fit Donkey Kong from the Arcade, into an Atari 2600 game, then anything is possible. Need for Speed Carbon exists on PS3, Xbox 360, and even PS2.

And yes, I own a Playstation 3. Just because I have Halo 3 for an avator doesn't mean I hate Sony. I like all of them. I just think that Playstation 3 should step it up a little bit.

The purpose for these threads was merely to start popular threads. That's it. And I don't lie.

And yes there is a chance that MGS4 and FF will be exclusives, but at this point, it's not looking that good.