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i agree that Wii wouldn't be the same if there were no Wii Sports. Wii would only get existing Nintendo fans and with Wii Sports the Wii have made new Nintendo fans. it's a win-win situation. but if it wasn't a pack-in game like it is in Japan, do you think Wii Sports would sell more copies than Twilight Princess like Japan? would it enjoy the same level of popularity/publicity whatever. would the wii's sell at the rate it is now if Wii Sports wasn't free? what about Wii Play? what if it wasn't bundled with the remote, would it affect it's sales? Japanese don't mind their sports games being cutesy, but Americans like sports games to look like the real thing. how would the cultural difference affect sales of wii sports? maybe that was what i was trying to get at in the other thread, but i'm glad to have inspired this one though. =)