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omgwtfbbq said:
souixan said:
superchunk said:
It's pretty simple. Without Japan, 360 will not keep WW lead. Wii will surpass prettys soon and maintain that throughout the generation, and PS3 will eventually catch up in by 2009...or so.

I agre totally however Japan Xbox360 has picked up a lot more then I expected it too. If Microsoft could get more Japanese support they could pick it up even more. The xbox360 has sold almost as much(if not more) in the 1 and 1/2 years then the original had in 5 years. That's a large growth, but not enough.


erm, I don't know why people keep saying this, since it is wrong. Not only has the 360 not quite outsold the original Xbox in Japan yet, but it is actually BEHIND where the Xbox was at this point in its history. proof:®1=Japan&cons2=XB®2=Japan&cons3=X360®3=Japan&align=1

of course, it's selling much more per week than the original and will soon overtake it, and in a few months I'm sure you could say that, but I'm hearing this a lot and it's just not true (yet)


It's true, at this point in 360's life, the original X-box did sell more. The pacing is the difference. The original X-box was selling less than 1,000 a week on average, while the 360 is hovering in the 2k-3k range, which spikes when good software is released. I think it is very reasonable that the 360 will pass the X-box by the end of the year due to releases of Trusty Bell this summer and Lost Odyssey during the holiday season.