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Shane said:
Blex said:
i own a wii and im sure that the wii cant do the unreal engine is this mainly good news for PS3 and 360 games? or is it still being used for wii but scaled down quite a bit? either way id still like to see it used on the wii if it is possible

At this point, anything that uses UE3 is being assumed to not be for Wii. According to Epic, it is possible to get the engine on Wii, most likely in a scaled down format, but it's not something they're particularly concerned about. Maybe in a couple years.

I don't think anyone on the Wii would want a game using a scaled down UE3 engine anyways, it would likely result in games that have the same problem as Spider-Man has, the graphics scaled down so much as to make the game look hideous.  It's probably better just to start from scratch on the system to get as much power out of it as possible.