Grimes said:

If I didn't know better, I would swear that came off the old SDF website.

Over the next few years the PS3 substantially outsells the Wii. PS3 sells exponentially to overtake the Wii within 3 or 4 years time. PS3 to Wii sales gap will close down over time. $299 price point has kick started the PS3s fight back. Second place before second quarter of 2011 lokks like a lock in for the PS3. 

PS3 will be chasing down the Wii and it may actually get to number one place. Wii sales slow down and then the new Nintendo machine will be launched. 

More Wii owners and 360 owners need to update and get on board the PS3. Trade in your system and purchase PS3 today. PS3 console systems are sold out or in short supply at most stores in my neighbourhood. Wii and 360 consoles remain on the shelves.

It is very hard to keep PS3 on the store shelves. PS3 Slim sell out very quickly. Amazon and online sites have even seen an increase in PS3 Slim console prices. Limited supply creates higher demand prices.