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i hesitated on doing this for  a bit but i think i trust vgc enough, ive got a server up that a few people play on right now  @ stake out a place and build... on the servers you cant die right now so it removes some fun, there are a few other issues... mainly with water, but outside of that working fine.


edit, just an update, restarted the server this morning. and no the firey stumps are not griefers its a fialed project/navagational aid on the server before mods were added back.

running hey0 mod there is a kit at /kit toolkit  edit 2 also to keep it day /time day

ill be on the server as hansrotec. pm me with any issues or post them here.


i think i zarx on this morning, sorry i didnt talk i was kinda at work, but saw you hope on and thought id throw some tools down


edit 3 though warping is on i would advise against using it, is unstable right now, seems to cause loss of inventory sometimes, trying to hunt that down or see if an update is out to fix it

come play minecraft @

minecraft name: hansrotec

XBL name: Goddog