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aken909 said:

I just want to say I really think this was one of the best games to come out in 2010, it's such a complete package.

It's got great and challenging combat with interesting weapons, a wide variety of monsters and a well though out and useful set of basic combos as well as defensive maneuvers. It's got a wide variety of puzzles none that are too hard but even if they were you can have the game automatically solve them. It's got a good vampire'esk story with good voice acting and a well themed and composed musical score. And on top of all that it's a nice long game which is all too rare these days.


It's a real AAA title in my book. 


And to people who say it's a GoW rippoff, I honestly laugh, GoW isn't half the game LoS is, no I mean literally GoW is a 6 hour game this is a 12-20 hour game... it's not even half the game.