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    Breaking News on Osama Bin Laden (necrobump)

    in General Discussion on 02 May 2011

    And not a single fuck was given in the rest of the world....

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    Star Ocean 4. Why so underappreciated?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2011

    When a certain party member joins your party the game becomes way too easy....

    Write 20

    Why isn't this in the psn store yet?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 February 2011

    I think they don't want to release it because it was critically a failiure and was buggy as hell....

    Write 40


    in Sony Discussion on 25 February 2011

    I'm going for the magma powers on my first run. Renegade for life!...

    Write 72

    Ubisoft's sexy, raunchy party game for twelve-year-olds

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 February 2011

    Just saw this last night. Goddamn what has the industry come to.. Although the two girls were pretty hot....

    Write 27

    Atlus has "No Plans" to release Catherine in North America

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 February 2011

    makingmusic476 said: Looky looky: [img][/img]   Awesome find!...

    Write 70

    What happens if the FPS genre crashes the way music games have?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 February 2011

    While being the most popular genre while gaming has become very mainstream, FPS is not going anywhere for a while....

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    The Official VGChartz Killzone 3 Clan

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 February 2011

    This one is able to join. I never played Killzone 2 with a clan and stopped playing it about 2 months later, but I promise to keep playing KZ3 now as much as I can. PSN: Tuskantuoja I'm from Finland and usually I can play any day of the week, though can't when I'm having test weeks. Waiting for my Helghast Edition to arrive and i'll probably play the campaign through first atleast once. On...

    Write 22

    Anyone think Persona 5 will be announced this year?

    in Sony Discussion on 12 February 2011

    Nah, Atlus will probably port Persona 2: Eternal Punishment after Innocent Sin and maybe even make a Persona 4 Portable just to piss us off /jk This year I'm sure we will have some kind of info after Catherine launch....

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    Confirmed: Guitar Hero killed, True Crime cancelled

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 February 2011

    It's becoming really clear that the music/rhythm games have lost the wide appeal that was still going on 2-3 years ago. Won't be missing GH, Rock Band already has real instruments to play with. True Crime...don't care....

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    Gears of War Not Coming to PS3 Anytime Soon Says Epic Games

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2011

    lol maybe Epic should bundle a custom controller of Cliff's liking with the PS3 versions. I mean, sure the analog sticks are a bit too close to each other and the triggers suck balls but it's not ergonomically as catastrophal as everyone is saying. I'm playing with both a 3rd party controller and DS3 using them for different games and have no problems adjusting my hands with either one (the 3rd...

    Write 47

    Naughty Dog , is starting to piss me off =/

    in Sony Discussion on 09 February 2011

    Woah, Amy Hennig was the writer for Legacy of Kain? You crushed all my hope for a new Soul Reaver :(...

    Write 28

    Mass Effect 2 Platinum Trophy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 February 2011

    Just insanity and only need 1 incinerate action....

    Write 20

    for all you dbz fans

    in General Discussion on 15 January 2011

    I generally loved all the Tenkaichi Tournaments in Dragon Ball. ...

    Write 21

    Japanese 3DS lineup taking shape

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 January 2011

    Yay, a Persona title coming in...2012 :(...

    Write 29

    New platinum hits boxart style. Looks awesome

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 January 2011

    I wish the EU PS3 Platinum games would'nt look so fugly compared to that. [img][/img]...

    Write 77

    Finally going to try and platinum a game

    in Sony Discussion on 11 January 2011

    If you want extremely easy platinum trophys, get The Sly trilogy. You can pretty much get 3 platinums by just breezing through the 3 games....

    Write 46

    Castlevania - First Backup Working From 3.55 Geohot CFW - PS3 Piracy starts

    in Sony Discussion on 10 January 2011

    Well screw them for pirating one of my favourite games that didn't even sell too well....

    Write 46

    So, now that I have a Dreamcast...

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 January 2011

    Dude, get Grandia 2 if you haven't played it on PS2 yet, the Dreamcast version is superior with better graphics and has less slowdown. Really good JRPG....

    Write 43

    Whom do you trust more... Nsanity or PizzaFaceGamer

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 January 2011

    To trust either a user posting actual news or a user posting biased opinions? Hmm, I wonder which one....

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