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Metallicube said:
Maynard_Tool said:
Carl2291 said:
Maynard_Tool said:
leo-j said:
Maynard_Tool said:

OH my Lol xD 84K???? Really??? O.o

vgc had it at 54K

If that makes you feel better

What's really funny is you trying to cover up your "surprise". It's sold these numbers now for a long time...

What I personally find amusing is how close the "doomed" PS3 is to the almighty Wii. Nevermind the 360 completely trouncing everything.

Really close.... Wii ~73 Million & Ps3 ~36 million.... closer than i thought... o wait, you mean worthless comparisson sales, like weekly and monthly, which only keeps making the gap even bigger and bigger....


Yeah I'm starting to get annoyed with people constantly posting things liike "look how close the PS3 is to the Wii! Nintendo is in trouble!" as if PS3 being CLOSER to Wii yet still getting outsold by it means it's somehow catching up to it. That's not how it works. As long as Wii outsells PS3 at all, even if only be 1 unit, they are still puting more and more distance between themselves and their competitor. Some people can't seem to understand that.

Oh no, for some people selling 10K less every week, despite having almost 30 million less units sold, is getting closer. But hey don't argue, because then you "lose" (LOL) the arguments (?) when posting real numbers =)