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To change the course of the thread a bit, i'll bring up a point that TwistedCellz and i have discussed recently, saying that: where the hell is the hype for this? It got a little trailer at E3, the same demo they showed 4 months prior, and Nintendo hasn't really been pitching it to the major media outlets for any sort of review. Even that stuff that CVG was trying to show a few weeks back (before they decided to give up halfway through and delete their trail in the process), was entirely out of the E3 demo.


By comparison, we knew much much more about what Galaxy 2 or NSMBWii would entail by this point in their lifecycles, and certainly far more about what Metroid Prime 3 would be like (though Nintendo treated pre-launch hype differently in those days, so Galaxy 2 and NSMBWii are the better comparisons)

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