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KylieDog said:
twistedcellz said:

@KylieDog As a Resident evil fan myself I dont give f***  about people sayin games are outdated but if I'd care I wouldnt have RE5 avatar cuz as 3rd person shooter RE5 feels pretty much outdated.

There flaw here is that RE5 is an action game, not a third person shooter.

well thats what you say but when about everythin u do in a game is shootin in third person, I call that a third person shooter.BTW a TPS is an Action Game and RE5 is still outdated as an Action game or as a TPS.

Is there something wrong with that? Not for me but its you that seems to be sayin that if you think something is outdated is not good.(well as a RE title there was something wrong with RE5 but thats out of topic)

And cutscenes have nothing to do with gameplay which is whats most important in a game.RE2 may seems outdated for u but among Resident evil fan its one of the best and 10 times better than RE5,just like sprites may be outdated but among fighting fans Blazblue is far better than SF4.

The most important in a game is the Appeal of the game: is what get you to buy it 

and once u got it then is the Gameplay : does it feels fun or good when you play it.


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