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twistedcellz said:

So you are tellin me that u and ur people prefer playin Smash,NSMBW,Monster Hunter,Punch Out wii, Metal slugs or Tasunoko vs Capcom with a Nunchuck, cuz I know alot of gamers with Wiis and none of them uses the Nunchuck unless they got no other choice.

I could even put MKWii,I myself use the GC controller but I know alot people that prefer the wiimote only but nobody uses the Nunchuck combo again.

Lol.  Nice cherry picked examples.  But yes, my friends and I play Brawl with the Remote and Nunchuck combination.  I also know quite a few people who play MK Wii that way, although I use the Wii Wheel myself.  Metal Slug Anthology's alternate control methods all suck.  None of them control the way you would expect, making the Remote the only viable control method.  I've never played Monster Hunter, but I know there are plenty of people on this website who play it with the Remote and Nunchuck.  I have little or no experience with Punch Out and Tasunoko vs Capcom.

But why did you list those games?  Going through my own library, there are a ton of games that control very well with the Nunchuck.  Twilight Princess, Galaxy 1 and 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Brawl, MK Wii, de Blob, The Munchables, Madworld, No More Heroes, Okami, Ghostbusters, and Resident Evil 4.

Back on topic:

Can anyone answer my question?  I thought your movement in this game was restricted along a certain plane, which would mean a d-pad would work just fine for this.  Is your movement more free than that?

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