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wow so much people hatin on the wiimote only here

I tell you one thing I know (me included ) so many people around me that hates the nunchuk and thats one of the reason they hate playin the wii. So whenever we hear theres a game for the wii that uses either the Gc controller,wiimote sideways or classic pro we have to check it out.

As a metroid fan Im happy that the game uses wiimote only bcuz I custom made me something like this for NSMBW

I would've prefer the classic pro but I still know im gonna enjoy the game cuz I never had playin with sens games like goemon


or syphon filter back with the original ps controller


it probably will just get some used to thats it, even I who hates the nunchuck can still play the hell out of Mario Galaxy and end up not thinkin about it

Nintendo made me a gamer so I'd be stupid to ever try to forget that                                             like so many people nowadays

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