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This is a bold new direction for the Metroid franchise, but will it pay off? There is a lot of controversy regarding pretty much all of it, the controls, the gameplay elements, the reliance on story and CG cutscenes, and even the voice acting for Samus (and their choice of voice actor).


There is some question among Nintendo fans and gamers in general as to whether this game will destroy Metroid as we know it, or finally launch it to the relevance that has been so elusive for the series. Some people are glad to see Metroid finally elaborate on the rich backstory that the games have only hinted at, while others feel that any added story only drags the game down, imposing artificial restrictions on things. These are believers that the core essence of Metroid is exploration and discovery, and by imposing a story, any exploration in the game becomes a facade as things are neatly set on rails.


This of course brings up the question of what Metroid means to people, and so i'll ask the big question: What is Metroid's appeal to you, and does Other M fit in with that notion of appeal or not, and why?


We'll find out here:

Scoring has begun, a week ahead of release! Let's see it! I will gather reviews as they roll in and set them into a 100-point average, metacritic style

Game Informer (Australia): 8/10 (80)
@Gamer (Best Buy's Gaming Mag): 4/5 (80)
Nintendo Power: 8.5 (85)
Famitsu: 9/9/8/9 (87.5)
Infendo: 3/5 (60)
GoNintendo: 7.2 (72)
IGN: 8.5 (85)
Destructoid: 6.5 (65)
GameSpot: 8.5 (85)
Worth Playing: 9 (90)
GamePro: 4/5 (80)
Game Informer (USA): 6.25 (62.5)
Giant Bomb: 4/5 (80)
Eurogamer: 8 (80)
Gamesradar: 7 (70)
XPlay: 2/5 (40)
Joystiq: 4.5/5 (90)
Wired: 9 (90)
Digital Chumps: 8.4 (84)
GameTrailers: 8.6 (86)
1up: B- (80) *
CVG: 8.7 (87)
Edge: 8 (80)
D-pad: 4.5/5 (90)
Nintendo World Report: 7 (70)

Running average: 78.36

*Note: I am pro-rating 1up's system differently, as i'm matching the letter grades to how they would be in school, rather than a system where F represents 0% or 10%. This represents my opinion on how that system should be interpreted, rather than an effort to more positively tilt the metascore.

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Enjoy this wonderful game!

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