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FullMetalMerc said:
homicidaIpanda said:
Snesboy said:

Ya know. I could bitch and bitch about the StarCraft 2 beta like you are bitching about the Halo Reach beta.

Please keep in mind that all you are playing is a beta. It's not the final game.

Another thing, the reason why the game plays slowly is because it is a prequel to Halo. Obviously you never read the books or at least didn't read Fall of Reach. Master Chief doesn't have Mark V armor yet :P

ITs an online beta and Im preety sure the game should be balanced and everyone has Mark V, the game is slow and it has changes. Sc2 is not 100% balanced but the game remians the same. Also i read fall of reach along time ago...nice try, trying to "lore" me in the game...

i agree panda. @ snesboy, your not a spartan 2 and this game and ure not the master cheif so him having armor or not doesnt affect the game and if the armor makes the wearer slow why can the mk3 spartans sprint. BTW since you read reach you should know that th spartans you play as in reach arent even the same version as the cheif

Thanks for reading my post.


And also, yeah, master chief was running away from the covenant in reach like a little bitch.