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I disagree.

Final Fantasy XIII on the 360 has already outsold a huge JRPG franchise on the PS3 - Valkyria Chronicles.

It blew past the PS3's other big exclusive JRPG, White Knight Chronicles.

If anything, this proves that Square Enix should make Final Fantasy Versus XIII an Xbox 360 exclusive in the West. Just because Microsoft are willing to advertise the game for them, while we see Sony persuing other goals, like copying Nintendo. When the time comes for Versus XIII to be released in the West, Sony wont care about it because GT5 will also be releasing in the same Summer of '11. Microsoft will show love for the franchise. Love that Sony never could.

Agito XIII will also be a Zune HD Exclusive.

You cannot deny my irrefutable factual evidence.

See my first post, copy, & paste

I either missed the triple sarcasm in your post or you just got rolled and a reply :P

You missed it

It's too subtle!

That's why Rol is a master, his post is so obviously stupid that the person who missed it either has to be an idiot or a genius.