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Install base does not magically make niche games into mainstream.

Full 3D GTA is mainstream, not top down. Compare sales of the top down GTA games, and then you can see how well this game did.

I said that same thing earlier in the thread, but people don't seem to want to accept that. All you have to do is compare its 3d handheld outings (Vice city stories and liberty city stories) to its top down (Chinatown wars on DS and psp, and the gameboy advance version) to see that its the perspective and not the console that dictates sales. 

Heck, some think Madworld is supposed to be a huge hit, as though brawlers with atypical art styles are a big genre. If compared to other brawlers, like Godhand and Spyborgs, it is doing exceptionally well.

This generation has given people unrealistic expectations for how games need to perform. A lot of people think most games are flops if they don't sell at least 2 or 3 million copies but thats just the furthest thing from the truth. You have to look at so many factors (genre, developer, advertising, first or third party, new IP or established) to determine a game's success. I wish more people would use their head and realize that even a high budget handheld title is still going to cost very little to make, and anything over 500,000 copies sold is most likely a success. Those numbers are raised a bit for consoles, but people complaining that a game that sells 1.8 million probably lost money are just ignorant. 

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