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I just heard the sound of a thousand cattle running in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

Oh, what was that? Those were the cowards too afraid to eat crow, preferring to run away or disappear entirely instead of own up to their own words? What a surprise!

No, they just move the goal posts. So, by moving the goalposts, it's still a megaflop.

It's a moral victory, but no one on the side that cried "flop" will admit it. They'll continue calling it a GTA game as though everything in it is normal (e.g. the top down view - btw, I wonder how a top down view GTA would do on the consoles?), while in the same breath make excuses for the PSP version that flopped in comparison - yes, smaller user base on the PSP, but not THAT much smaller, and supposedly more "hardcore" userbase than the DS userbase...

The goalposts moved so fast that I got whiplash. When sales came in they said that it would never hit a million and had no business on the DS. The PSP version flopped on its ass and the DS version hits and million and now all of a sudden the SDF is screaming "but only 1 million," after saying it wouldn't hit it in the first place. The install base argument is being lobbed at the DS but not the PSP which managed to sell several milion copies of previous GTA games.

Hypocrisy must be a powerful motivator.

Not really.

GTA is the franchise that has been keeping TakeTwo afloat for the last 10 years.

You really think GTA DS helped to do that ?


GTA4 didn't even do that considering that Take Two is hanging by a thread. And that thread is called Carnival Games.


Yes because Carnival games is the huge franchise that they will be able to keep on declining for the next 10 years.........

In your dreams maybe....

I know it burns you up that Carnival Games has become more relevant than GTA but on the bright side, at least CG sales keep TT around long enough for Rockstar to put out another GTA or two.

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