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Who are the most important figures in the videogame industry (now, or in terms of influence throughout history)? My Top 15 in terms of Total Influence 1) Shigeru Miyamoto 2) Ken Kurtagi 3) Satoru Iwata 4) Peter Moore 5) Yuji Naka 6) Hideo Kojima 7) Will Wright 8) Ralph Baer 9) Bill Gates 10) Hiroshi Yamauchi 11) Gunpei Yokoi 12) Bushnell 13) The Stamper Brothers 14) Trip Hawkins 15) Alexi Pajitinov Current top 10 1) Miyamoto (no explination needed) 2) Gates (no explination needed) 3) Stamper Brothers (Until they left, Rare was Microsoft's best way to do well in Japan) 4) Peter Moore (Sega & Microsoft) 5) Kurtagi (too much to list) 6) Iwata (too much to list) 7) Kojima (MGS) 8) Wright (The Sims, Spore) 9) Yamauchi (the DS business model was his last great idea) Tie: The obscure business men who saved Sega, Namco, Capcom, Midway from bankruptcy

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- Lao Tzu