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Hello all. 1st post. 360 has only been able to sell 7 million in its 1st year. If all keeps its pace then by end of 2007 they would have 14 million at best. Wii has two million in 1 month. By January probably 1.5 more, so 3.5 million at years end. I would say with games like smash bros., MP3, and Mario Galaxy coming out next year they should have a great year. Probably similar sells to the DS once really good games came. I think that by March they will exceed their6 million goal and make a good 13 million by year end 2007. ps3 is just too expensive and there will be no reduction in price any time soon. So for those of you who think a sub-$300 ps3 is coming. HA. Not for atleast 5 years. At the current price point Sony has said it will take over 3 years just to make profit. So, 1 million by years end, 4 million by March, and a whopping 8 million by end of 2007. Jan 2007 360 - 7 million Wii - 3.5 million ps3 - 1 million Jan 2008 360 - 14 million Wii - 13 million ps3 - 8 million Jan 2012 360 - 47 million (Gains many once-exclusives for ps and sales well do to price reductions) Wii - 55 million (Matches NES and SNES sales again due to expanded market, akin to DS) ps3 - 45 million (Was able to keep a few exclusives, but eventual price drops coming too late to raise sales to ps1/2 levels) And there you have it. Thank you for coming.