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We are pronouncing it Leaf, and the alternate pronunciation is layf.

@NiKKom - it's a good thing I have an in with the boss and can just steal the account

@okey - it isn't a video, it is a slideshow of pictures. If you can't see them but have a tiny bit of bandwidth left and want to, you can go to my picasa album -

@badgenome - I actually first heard the name from a guitarist in Michagan that I met doing a gig with a friend who owned an audio/video/lighting company. Since then I've loved it.

If you drop a PS3 right on top of a Wii, it would definitely defeat it. Not so sure about the Xbox360. - mancandy
In the past we played games. In the future we watch games. - Forest-Spirit
11/03/09 Desposit: Mod Bribery (RolStoppable)  vg$ 500.00
06/03/09 Purchase: Moderator Privilege  vg$ -50,000.00

Nordlead Jr. Photo/Video Gallery!!! (Video Added 4/19/10)