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This is an attempt to help people going. It could be a bit hard to predict without any base, so here's a base. It's purely the sales from last year, scaled into what I find realistic. The percentage is how much that week had of the total sales for the period last year. I expect the Wii to sell 7.5M this year, versus the 9.1 million last year, so it's scaled to that.

Week 1 (1st nov): 5.3% = 400K

Week 2 (8th nov): 6% = 450K

Week 3 (15th nov): 7.1% = 525K (really 533K, but I decided to put it in prettier numbers)

Week 4 (22nd nov): 14.1% =  1.06 million

Week 5 (29th nov):  8.6% = 650K(I swapped week 4 and 5 around, as Black Friday is opposite way around of last year).

Week 6 (6th Dec): 11.1% = 825K

Week 7 (13th dec): 13.5% = 1.0 million

Week 8: (20th dec): 19.3% = 1.45 million

Week 9: (27th dec): 13% = 1 million

Week 10: 7.2% = 525K

Total =  7.58 million


I'll do the same for the Ps3 and X360 later.

Note that predicting exactly this will probably give you a far off answer.