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Xiul.exe said:
markers said:
How can a new sku flop? It sells along side the psp-3000, consumers decide which they want.

Because more people are interested in domming sony than the system itself.

So imo this is more some fanboy's cherry picking, insteristing enough even old psp users

hate the system because "its not for them".

Anyway i was specting alot less sales considering the price of the product, so imo is not a flop.

Not seeing everything through rose colored glasses doesnt meant you hate Sony nor does it mean that there is some vast anti-sony conspiracy.  I have a PS3 and both a Phat and Slim PSP, love them all.  Your right about it not being for me...but really who is it for...fanboys?  I just cant figure out what audience they are going after, they completely alienated any prior PSP owners who werent complete fanboys, reduced it attractiveness to new buyers since there is no big library of cheap games they can buy used or at greatly reduced prices, nor can they borrow games from friends.  It limits it usage for travel early on since committing to buying games is a long arduous process that requires a wifi connection.  Then there is the pricing, $4.99-$9.99 for "mini" games isn't going to cut it especially when many of them are ports of .99-$2.99 iphone games.  Its just hard to find much positive about it.

I guess there is evidently a niche market for it but it seems like an awful waste of money and resouces to go after a fraction of a market, imho they would have been better off adding some storage and bluetooth to the existing PSP and started this download only thing with the PSP2.  My biggest fear is that this will fail so badly that we dont see a PSP2, its not that I hate Sony...I just expect better from them.