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markers said:

Just commenting on the ds / go comparison mentioned briefly,

When the ds launched how much did it sell? Not too much, so how many out there considered it a flop at the time? A lot more than likely. But in time the ds suddenly took off, but it did take it weeks maybe even months before it started selling like we see it selling now. The point I am trying to get across is you can not judge the go off its first day sales or even its first week. It shows in some games, ala Uncharted or Assassins Creed, that legs mean more than being frontloaded. But give the Go a few months if the sales are the same or lower than you can call it a flop but the sales of the psp as a whole retain its sales that it had gotten this week then I call it a success. Having two sku's is a great thing for the psp, one with UMD the other all digital download. It gets the foot in the door so to speak. Watch nintendo follow in the Go's footsteps this coming E3

Actually even with a staggered launch over 5 weeks (3 weeks in japan and before launching in europe at all) the original DS sold nearly 3 million.  The first week in the US alone saw 230,000 sold.  The DSi launch saw 435,000 sold in the US in the first week, 92,000 in EU in its first week and 170,000 in Japan on launch week.  We can talk legs all you want but based sheerly on numbers its the weakest console launch in nearly a decade...even the GBA Micro sold more than double, to put it in perspective it barely beat the launch of the Neo-Geo pocket color which launched online only.

Why would nintendo feel the need to follow in anyones footsteps?  Nintendo has been taking baby steps and laughing all the way to the bank, the DS launched as an "side project" and took off quickly, yet it retained full backwards compatability with the GBA, the lite was simply a redesign with no real internal changes at all, and finally the DSi launched dropping the gba slot long after the gba was no longer supported while adding an sd slot, browser, cameras, etc leading to their online strategy.  Thats the kind of transition I was talking about...IMHO Sony's strategy is a horrible misstep.