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I dont think the Go flopped. For a more direct comparison we should maybe compare the different 360 SKU's.

I understand the DSlite to DSi analogy, but in those terms its pretty much on par since the Go is selling equal to the PSP3000 at least in the states.

The thing is, its not a replacing SKU, or even a upgraded SKU...its just a different option.

If overall PSP sales double, i dont see how it can be considered a flop.

When the Elite launched did the 360 sales double?

In overall objective terms, ioi has posted the Go sold 30k in america and the PSP3000 went up as well from last week, so it sold about half of overall PSP sales in America.....i dont understand how an added SKU can flop when its doubled the total sales of the platform, but thats just me.