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FastFord58 said:
A lot of apologists in here. A company doesn't R&D a product and release on the assumption that it is going to be a flop or an experiment. That's just insane; especially given Sony's sketchy finances at this time.

I think they should have encased it in red plastic and called it the Virtual Boy 2.

Actually electronic companies (and others) regularly test the market with more experimental features - how else do you think new developments arrive?  Sure, they have research that indicates there is some market, but most new stuff starts small.  Sometimes, if the timing is right, it explodes (like the ipod).

Why do you think there are 360 skus with HDD and some without, why do model features change?  Trying to both follow the market and anticipate future trends.

The Go is an experiment, the first gaming device to fully get behind digital channel at the exclusion of physical media.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...