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letsdance said:
ironman said:
letsdance said:

So you are telling me you and the majority of people expected the Go to increase sales 400% of the PSP and start selling on par with the DS? LOL... okay... now I know you're trolling.

You and the majority expected a higher priced DD only system to go from the worse selling system to the best... LOL...

You and the majority expected the PSP Go to spark intrest and intice an extra 300k people weekly to purchase a PSP... LOL!

You and the majority expected the PSP Go to just start crushing a monopoly that was in place for 20 years now. LOL! Oh man... this is good.

AHAH! It comes out!  Now I know why you seemed so persistant to lower the bar. If you think I'm trolling, you are sadly mistaken, I don't/didn't, know the sales numbers of the DS Lite. I just know that it is FAR more objective to compair something to it's compeditors counterpart that to compair it to it's older model. Hey, here's the kicker! I don't own either system, and even better, I don't want the DS OR the DS Lite, but i wouldn't mind the PSP 3000. But you know, just cuz I call you out, all of a sudden I'm the troll You just exposed yourself in a BIG way my friend. and to think, I was actually trying to help you out in this argument by installing a basis by with the PSP go could be fairly judged.

I don't own nor do I want either one. If I did I would have bought one back when Crisis Core was released but one game is not enough to justify a purchase.


In you logic you believe that every single internet browser combined is a flop because it doesn't sell nearly as much as microsofts. LOL! Yeah, I think you are being ridiculous and silly.

Do you believe that the pizza place i eat at is also a flop because it doesn't sell as much pizza as Pizza Hut? I mean... after all... we have to hold the mom and pop pizza places to the same standards as chains right? Comparing it to a competitor of theirs.

So, where exactly did I say it was a flop? C'mon, surely you must have seen me say it somewhere since I am obviously hellbent on trolling the heck outta the PSP. Here's what  Idon't get...why the heck are you so insecure about the PSPGo? Is saying the PSP Go didn't flop seriously the only thing that will make you feel good about yourself.

According to your definition of my logic, I guess the 360 and PS3 were both flops as well...OMFG I had better ditch my 360! I can't have a console that flopped!!! I mean, my god, The PS3 and the 360 are both held to the standard which IS the Wii, and somehow, neither are considered flops (unless you talk to fanboys). I think the same would be true with the DS Lite and the PSP Go. If you could look past your own insecurity, perhaps you would see this.

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