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letsdance said:
ironman said:
MAFKKA said:
It cant be a success either, since you cant define success. Its all symantics.

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Wrong again, you can define success by measuring against a known standard, in this case, the DS Lite. You really are trying to hard.

Oh, and Hybrid cars are irrelevant, there is no REAL standard to hold them to, stop trying to derail the thread.

I think you are the one trying too hard. DS =/= PSP...

First off, if you cannot measure something against a solid known standard, then you will get a variable reading. Secondly, Look at the Console wars, Console sales are constantly being pitted up against eachother, and that is seen as a fair comparison, so I ask you, How is the DS Lite being compaiered to the PSP Go any differant? I already told you that both are "improved" models of the origional and both are handhelds, it just makes sence to compair the two. I don't know what the first week sales for the DS Lite are, nor do I care, I'm just saying, it makes more sence than holding it to the producers expectations.


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Don't forget your helmet there, Master Chief!