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MAFKKA said:
letsdance said:
ironman said:
letsdance said:
ironman said:
letsdance said:
I think I defined it pretty well. And you are wrong. It isn't being marketed as a new product. Its being marketed as the same product but with more portability.

I really don't think you did. You defined what YOU think it should be. To other people it will be different. You have to solidify a standard that everybody can agree with.

...and you don't think that I don't think that what I think should be the standard?

lol, what? To answer your question, no, You are hell bent on making sure the PSP go does not look like it flopped. That gives the impression that you are unable to come up with an unbiased representation of what the standard should be. Much like those who are crying it failed.

Here is an idea, Take the PSP GO sales, and match them with the DS Lite. I don't know if everybody here thinks thats a good idea, but to me, it seems pretty fair since all other systems are held against their compeditors in terms of sales.

Alternatively, is everybody claiming it failed due to sales? Or are some people talking about features lost/gained?

...What? I already gave my opinion what the standards should be. And its the most logical that anyone will come up with. Why would the PSP Go be compared to the DSL? That's ridiculous. The PSP wasn't compareable to the DS... Of course the sales for the DSL will blow the Go out of the water. Why don't we compare the PSP Go to SEGA's Game Gears next revision...


You cant compare two different products, since success and flop is meassured by the company businessplan and expectations thereof.

Otherwise every phone out there is a flop because they didnt do iPhone numbers on first day.

No you cannot compare to random products, you can however compare to LIKE products, hence my suggestion to compair the DS Lite and the PSP Go. Both are portibles, and both are jazzed up versions of the origional.

And like I said before, expectations are a silly standard because a producer can set their expectations very low, and then say "Hey look, our product may have sold like crap, but at least we met our expectations, I guess our product was a success!"

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