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Its at 500k+ on DS worldwide. The DS can make just about any title profitable once it clear ~150k-200k I would say, and even if this had a higher budget and advertising than most DS games it probably still ended up only needing to sell 300k or something.

I'm pretty sure when you are about to release a game that has one of the strongest names in gaming, you aren't just hoping you will be able to make it past the even point.

He never really says that he is satisfied with the sales, he dances around the question a bit. His immediate response to the question is, "The DS, typically, has longer legs in the sales cycle" - He's more pleased with the potential the game has in regards to sales, not how it has performed to this point.

 nintendo and take 2 are saying what we all know, DS has the strongest legs in gaming industry.MK Ds sold a lot worse than GTA 4 in the first week,only to ultimately humilliate it months later. And thats not the only game that has done that on DS regarding those weekend blockbusters.

Strongest names in gaming might be true, but also the cheapest and fastest GTA to produce in a decade. Obviously with 500k just months of release they are reaping big profits and they are just happy to see more of it. Profit its proportional to the investment, this is a mid budget DS game, just like GTA4 sold 4 millions after 3 months, it was also MANY TIMES cheaper to produce and advertise.

And this game not only broke point already, its sold many times above breaking point.After 2 years, when this game is in 2 or 3 million sales, seriously, the " flop of hardcore in DS" will be a reminder of how biased and negative was the gaming media around the ds.

It's because of people like you that I even bother involving myself in these discussions. You are extremely overestimating their profit, and severly underestimating the development+extra costs.. "Big profits"? They've only sold 560k. Even if this was a cheaper DS titles their wouldn't be as big of profits as you are making it seem. This was easily one of the biggest budget games on DS. Considering Take-Two would only get about $10 per copy sold, they haven't made much money yet.




Thanks for proving right my first post in this thread n_n.