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"Please don't confuse me with people who say Sony is doomed. I only contend their gaming division has been under performing. I'm not sold on Sony long, but who knows maybe they will prove me wrong." I am sorry I thought that was what you were trying to imply. It isn't even a question about how they game division is underperforming but this is similar to what happened last generation. The brisk sales of the PS and its titles did not stave off the losses the PS2 incurred. It is the same thing this time around except the PS3 is super expensive. "Strong sales of the Playstation 3 could push Sony's pre-tax income to 400bn yen ($3.4bn; £1.7bn), a sharp increase on the 60bn yen expected for 2006. Launching the next-generation console is expected to put a 200bn yen hole in Sony's finances. " I am just guessing that it is bound to be a positive thing for sony eventually.

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