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Isn't #1 Spore?   And #2 sounds like Wine Tycoon.  (Just picking on ya. :P )

I don't have any dream games that I can think of at the moment, but an idea did just pop into my head for a title where you randomly start off as a living organism.  You play snippets of this organism's life from it's birth until death.  Once you die, you go to an afterlife where you are judged not based upon your score but upon your actions (were they good or bad).  That determines what organism you start with next.  Let's say you start off as a mosquito.  You fly around and bite other living things to live.  Once you die (maybe from an accidental death by a victim or natural old age), the game determines if you only bit other organisms who were good candidates or deserved to be bitten (i.e. stronger, healthy organisms).  Let's say you did well, you may come back as a cat and the cycle repeats.

It may be stupid, but I was just trying to think outside the box. 

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