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noname2200 said:
Well you see, I wouldn't call it so much "babbling" as I would "being thorough," a quality which is necessary in discussions where so many people tend to omit context and other important facts, thus doing a serious disservice to both the speaker and the audience, which in turn leads to a strong retrogression in the quality of the forum's threads and posts. The forum ends up all the poorer for it; discussions do not arrive at a logical conclusion (or at times any conclusion), but instead devolve into two or three (sometimes four or five!) people simply typing out pages upon pages without either side giving so much as an inch; worst of all, these "draws" mean that in a few days or weeks the precise same discussion is had at another thread, leading to an eerie sense of deja vu which grinds down on posters and readers alike. Thus, "being thorough" is a quality which should be encouraged, not mocked, and...

I was just about to explain that it was only a poke at that kind of debater, and that all of the names are pretty much hyperboles of the actual tactics.

And then I kept reading.

And then I kept reading some more...