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That data is interesting. But, you have to remember each of those consoles did not launch at the same time of year. As for the Wii being crap..consider two things - Sony's 'six-axis' - the Nintendo DS Sony would not have put the six-axis in if it believed no potential could be found in 3d motion. Second, the Wii will be able to handle 'normal' games. Game Cube controllers, and the classic controllers will work well for intense fighting games (although MK will use the Wii-mote). Other 'big' games like RPGs, Shooters, Racing (use it like a steering wheel), Party games, can all be catered to with the Wii-mote. Sports games may require more creativity, although as long as football, soccer, and baseball are effectively reproduced, the Wii will not lose much market in Japan, America or Europe. Obviously though, the true draw is in new genres and the additions to old ones. Assuming developers have some imagination, I suspect Wii will have excercise games, excellent dancing games, and an ecclectic collection of noir games (cooking, hunting, flight simulators, surgery, 'simon says', historically based war games with swords, bows and arrows, sling shots, boomerangs, sex-interface games, and even games that train how to 'play' real sports in Japan). This is similar to how New Super Mario Brothers on the DS makes effectively no use of the touch screen, while many other genres and games do. It is just that the draw of the DS and the Wii is that they offer additional ways to play, instead of just traditional ways.

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