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joedamico said:
kber81 said:
joedamico said:



that means jack shit.

Yeah, I wouldn't trust to polls. Especially I wouldn't trust to PS3 owners who want buy Warhawk... We should ask Xbots... What's your point? This is poll. You have nothing to claim it's untrue so leave it and try to secure good ventylation for your box... You expect this figures to be lower to feel better? Don't cry...

 How are those "4D GRAPHIXXX" workin out for you?  


Calm down Fanboy...

As for the Internet polls, similar ones were made on different gaming forums across the net, some showing a surprising level of consistency. About 30-50% seemed to crop up everywhere, making an average.

Reasons for the high download numbers: Many gamers already owned headset's, many were not willing to wait for the retail version to arrive, and many simply did not have the extra 20 dollars for the retail version.

All good reasons as to why the download numbers were high. Also reading many threads made on Warhawk, large numbers of posters were saying how they had waited until midnight to download it etc.

Of course, to give a figure or percentage for the downloads is specualtion, but it's working with the all the available information.

So why dont you let us use that figure/percentage until you can prove otherwise.