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stof said:
Buying a game for yourself or her?

Any ways, what do you (or her) like? Give us something to go on for our recommendations. If you like beatem ups, No More Heroes is high on fun and insane on style.

if you like atmosphere and a solid FPS, go for Metroid Prime 3

If you like story and some intensity (and Resident Evil) get Umbrella Chronicles.

If you like to really challenge your mind, get Zack & Wiki

If you like to smoke pot, get Mario Kart Wii

There's tons of great games, so what do you like?


Actually its for me sorry for the confusion ...well i like RPG's, FPS(but not really a metroid fan either),I'll probably get RE:UC(good choice), iv'e heard about zack and wiki..ill check that game out on youtube or something,MK wii(probably get it down the road)..

Playing Assassin's Creed and Resident evil 5 <3

I dont want to be fanboy anymore...Why? it takes to much work but i will call on ppl on there B.S!!!:)