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Well it was 2PM in the afternoon i was watching the movie Cars (great movie!), My GF comes in and hands me a present ..I was like what the heck is this, she says open it!...

Well i opened and to my utter suprise it's a god-damn Wii!!!..I was shocked i got this toy  than i said thanks made love to her blah blah...then i hugged her stuff..I have yet to buy her anything! I'm screwed for christmas:((..

well i was thinking about buying another wii game.

the The Wii that she bought me had bundled game with SMG(really fun) and de blob(Weird game)..What game should i get before the year's over? ive been checking to find a game i would love to play but i can't find any to play :(

Well i'm offically a multi-console owner(YIPEE!!!360 and Wii), idthink im gonna be online and stuff i hate SSBB...dont know guys any GAME sugesstions is welcome?


Playing Assassin's Creed and Resident evil 5 <3

I dont want to be fanboy anymore...Why? it takes to much work but i will call on ppl on there B.S!!!:)