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Aiemond said:
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Kasz216 said:
outlawauron said:
Soriku said:


Not really a valid point. There were plenty of RPGs on the GC over the PS2 and they might have put those JRPGs on the 360 to appeal to the West too. It hasn't worked well though, and the bulk of JRPG announcements are going to the Wii (which the Wii can sell) :P


I doubt it. The game only looks good because of the art style. Technically it isn't impressive. I'm positive the Wii can do VCs graphics.

Well, the (very, very) occasional framerate drops tells me other wise. It has only dropped twice in my campaign (37 hours) but for that to happen on the PS3........

@ Benga

Well, it is. Shaky hands would kill your aim in this game, being that you don't get to re-aim after you shoot.

The only framerate drop was due to the grass... fix the grass and your fine.

Framerate drops happen a lot on the PS3, usually due to sloppy programming.

Aside from which... why couldn't aiming be handled the same way it is in the actual game.

just tie it to the analog stick if you needed.


Then, what would the benefit of the Wii version?


Lower development costs to keep a good nich ip from collapsing. Plus, the whole idea it is hard to aim using the wiimote is simply perposterous. Its easy to aim with the thing, MP3 and MOH showed us this.

Well, the dev costs for the PS3 version are small already, and porting it over would also require a retooled or all-new engine. And aiming in this game is nothing like any FPS you've ever played. It would be more of a hassle, and much easier to use with the d-pad and analog stick.

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