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FilaBrasileiro said:
Reject said:
Max King of the Wild said:
Reject said:
WOW at the GTA IV sales but LBP sales were expected, this is from a niche genre and cannot see it selling more than 2M WW LTD.


2mil is niche?


I said the genra was niche, this is a stand out game should is expected to do better then other games from the same Genre. 2MM worldwide TLD is me being optimistic, I cannot see it selling more than 1.5M LTD to be perfectly honest.


No matter how you slice it, anything over 1 million is not niche, and what genre would you be talking about that's niche anyways?


Hopefully LBP will have legs, it deserves it, but I said this before and I'll say it again, Western games DO NOT sell well in Japan, no matter how good they are.

He said LBP will be a failure if it only sell 1.5mil just ignore him. (he also said wkc looks like trash)