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Zucas said:
DS down obviously in preparation for DSi next week. Less people buying DSL of course. PSP stays up alright after PSP 3000 but still comes down more than normal. While Wii stays stagnant in the 25k range.

360 and PS3 still duking it out for last and 2nd to last which is why I question so much attention given to it. But this will probably be the last week we see 360 over PS3 for the rest of the year unless things really go wrong with things on PS3.

It's hard to say why 360's increase has drove PS3 down but it probably has a lot to do with price and brand at the time. While PS3 sales are also a little down this week in preparation for the new SKU. It's possibly that when PS3 goes up next week that it'll have the similar effect on 360 driving it's sales down a little.

Now I posed this last year when the 40gb upped PS3 sales to good rates before the holiday season that because of this it might cause PS3 holiday boosts to not be as strong as the rest because it lost it in those weeks. I turned out right... very right. PS3's peak week was at about 70k while it had weeks before that where it was averaging about 20-30k after the pricedrop to just show it.

So now I'm going to pose the exact same question for the 360. Because 360 has had all of this going on before the holiday season and into it... is it possible that 360 will have a similar thing happen where the holiday sales boosts are not as strong or prevalent as the rest. I'd say given it is not the dominant brand and the past has proven this theory true, that it is almost inevitable but we'll see how it plays out.

Could it happen to PSP and DS because they have something similar? Maybe but unlikely considering they have large brand appeal and usually they aren't affected by such things like that especially in the holiday season. Actually new things help holiday increases more.

So this is a possibility for 360 although a little more of an extreme case considering all of this has been a little more stretched out than the PS3 one.


 You said the same thing last week and the week before....

Your posts carry no weight when you say the same thing over and over as if you didnt make the same statement already in last weeks japan numbers....