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Oh yes ... This is where it began:

Mr. Stickball wrote:

Who thinks X360>Wii on 9/11 in Japan?

Only the most ridiculous responses have been recorded below for you to enjoy:

Gamerace said:
I think or at least would hope that with a cheap price offering and far superior JRPG offerings the 360 might finally start giving the PS3 a run for it's money in Japan.

Outsell the Wii though? Even for a week? No. Don't see it.
321tttrini4everz said:
normally, i don't post on m$ and nin threads but i had to with that topic...
was the title a joke or something ??
Fernando said:
Are you kidding, right?
321tttrini4everz said:
this is they worst thread of the fckn year if you ask me
trestres said:

This kid is a delusional 360 fan, read my post properly.

I never said the Wii WILL have a bump because of One Piece, I said I don't know if it will. Plus sales have been driven by Wii Fit and MKWii, anyone who denies that, or that thinks Wii will stop selling for 1 week so that 360 can sell more is very deluded.

jenny said:
Never, not even for one week, the only way would be for FF XIII to be exclusive for them in Japan and thats not happening for sure.
bbsin said:
I would love to see that happen, but unfortunately....... I'm realistic.
MIKE7388 said:
come on man thats unrealistic even with the price drop. the ps3 cant outsell the wii in japan. i dont see the 360 outselling the ps3 in japan that week. it takes a real good game for the 360 to even outsell the ps3 in ToV. but besides that one week, from there on its all history man
Beja-Beja said:
If it takes huge releases like Dynasty Warriors and MGS4 to move the ps3 past the wii for a week there is no way a new IP can help the 360.

Tuanniez said:
I predict, that for the week of 9/11 Xbox360 does 12k. I don't think the demand is as high as people say it is. It'll beat the PS3, but not the Wii ever.
stevechan said:
Infinite Undiscovery is not going to be as huge as ToV.
Pass the Wii?I wonder whether 360 can really pass PS3 again before we are talking about Wii.

These were the best of the best. There were other denials, but they weren't nearly as convincing as these

Gentlemen, start your crow-eating engines!!!

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