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The DS collecting dust? Is it why it is selling so much more software than the PSP. Say what you want but the DS is selling well both in software and in hardware. The problem with the PS3 is that it will most probarbly not win as much as the ps2 did. And when it come to exclusive titles...where have you been the latest months they have lost some of the exclusive titles to xbox360 (virtua figher and more). The xbox360 had gears of war and halo3. Speak about heavy weight titles. Then we have the Wii, I still think it will sell better than the ps3 in europe and japan. At least in the near future (2 years). The simple reason is price. I know one person that think that he need a Blue ray player. I am sorry the rest of us is happy with our DVDs so far.



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!